the largest
model making company in the world

Established in 1989, 3dr Models specializes in all kinds of miniature models (Architectural, Mechanical, Marine and Industrial models) as well as transportation, modification and storage. 3dr Models currently have 18% of the world’s model making market, with over 400 skillful professional model makers and a production of over 40 models per month. 3dr aims to provide high quality models & supporting services through teamwork by ensuring the provision of responsive, effective & value-added services, which meet the needs of our clients Worldwide.

About CEO

What we have achieved, what we are striving to achieve, and what we expect to achieve in the days to come.
Mr.Dani A. Bterrani has made a solid mark in the architectural model industry from a very young age. Born to an architect father, he got his basic training on blueprints and scale model calculations. Now heading 3dr Models, a huge company that has grown to become an internationally recognized firm, with production center boasting an area of 50,000 sq.feet, well equipped state of the art machines, and more than 400 skillful professional model makers, has been a part of more than 5000 projects.

A long journey driven by passion

At the age of 18, Bterrani opened his first model making shopping workshop in Dubai, with five employees working under him. With a major in Computer Science, and an architect father, Bterrani soon made Model Making his calling. In 1989 Bterrani established 3dr Models, overseeing rapid growth in the company’s client base and market share.

A successfulpartnership

During a visit to Hong Kong in 2005, he met the owner of RJ Models, Ray Cheung. Building on their mutual goal of innovation in model making, Bterrani and Cheung joined forces - leading to the inception of what is now the largest model making facility in the world. 3dr Models and RJ Models currently have 18% of the world’s model making market, with a workforce of over 400 professionals and producing over 40 models per month for an international clientele.

  • Ray Cheung
  • Hakan Ozkan
    Regional partner
  • Krestina Soshnina
    Sales Manager
  • Shamvil Andali
    Team manager
  • Terry Hui
    Project Manager
  • Jeff Lam
    Project Manager